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Our Mission Statement:

“To enrich community spirit through educational, cultural and social gatherings in our historic Community House.”

Curtis Perry

The Early Days

Part-time Captiva resident Curtis Perry, of Brunswick, Maine, walked the length of Captiva and Sanibel and convinced residents a community center was needed. Going door to door, he not only got them to believe in the idea, he asked them to contribute money, labor, and materials to make the center a reality. Perry was a confirmed bachelor and resident artist.

The Community House is considered to be “The Heart of the Island”, with its rich history of serving islanders as both a gathering place for island activities as well as a rental space for private events. Built in 1927, The land upon which the SCA sits was donated by one of Sanibel’s original residents, Cordie Nutt. Keeping The Community House in service to the community is a Sacred Trust carried on by the board of directors.

History is rich within the walls of The Community House. The Historic “Founder’s Room” has been open to the public since 1927. We invite you to stop in for a tour and see for yourself where it all began.

The Community House strives to become an eco-friendly home all the while keeping our commitment to honoring our rich history by preserving our historic rooms.​

About SCA Inc.

The Sanibel Community Association (SCA) is an independent organization that operates “The Community House,” which not only serves as an event location but also offers rental space. The Community House is composed of 3 rooms that can be rented separately or altogether (the entire building). Churches, civic organizations, clubs, non-profits, and island families have used The Community House for their parties, weddings, fundraisers, and other special events. Located conveniently on the west end of Periwinkle near Dunlop Road, The Community House is the place to meet neighbors and friends!

We invite you to be a contributing partner and help support events in our historic building, the only island venue that is uniquely Sanibel. There is always something happening at The Community House. Come join us and see!

Sanibel Community Association Inc. EIN# 59-1060466
The Community House serves as the historical heart of the island. Any public, private, individual, or group is welcome.

One of the First Non-Profits on the Island

Since 1927, The Community House has served as the gathering place of the islands. Many social organizations, civic groups, and clubs that first found a home here at The Community House are still here to this day. Though the Sanibel Community Association and therefore the Community House is not part of the City of Sanibel government or properties, the city actually has its roots here; the famous referendum of 1974 that incorporated the City of Sanibel was held here. The historic Founder’s Room was also the meeting place for the very first City Council meetings. The Community House also hosts many large events and festivals including the Annual Shell Show and Festival. It is one of the largest and longest-running Shell-related shows in the world, and it funds a large portion of SCA’s operations within the community.

The Community House

Welcome to the Sanibel Community Association. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. The funds we raise through membership dues, fundraisers, events, donations and room rental income are used to operate The Community House.

Established in 1927 as a local gathering place for all residents and visitors, The Community House was the birthplace for many civic groups and the incorporation of Sanibel as a city.

sca board of directors

Teresa Riska-Hall

Executive Director

France Paulsen

Admin Specialist

Londyn Wolff

Facilities Coordinator

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We invite you to support events in our historic building, the only island venue that is uniquely Sanibel. There is always something happening at The Community House.

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